Airgo® Folding Walkers

The Airgo® folding walkers provide outstanding mobility assistance at a very affordable price.

NEW: Airgo® Euro Ultra-Light Walkers

The Airgo® folding walkers are of the basic four point walker type which folds down so that you can pack it away or carry it when you are not using it as a walking aid.

They are narrow enough to fit through a standard doorway, lightweight, and easy to fold. Rubber or plastic tips, glides or wheels on the walker base keep floor surfaces unscratched and prevent the walker from slipping while walking.

The Airgo® walkers have either a one or two button folding mechanism or a Paddle Release folding mechanism.

All depending on your chosen model, your Airgo® walker will come with 4 tips, with 2 tips and 2 front wheels, or with 2 glides and 2 front wheels.

With wheels... or Without wheels... and Walker glides

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Airgo Folding Walkers